1876. Manuel María de los Dolores Falla y Matheu [it is not until around 1900 that he decides to add the “de” to his first surname] is born on 23 November in the family home (3, Plaza de Mina). His parents are José María Falla y Franco (Cádiz, 21 August 1849–Madrid, 12 February 1919) and María Jesús Matheu y Zabala (Cádiz, 20 October 1850–Madrid, 22 July 1919).

1885. Begins his first piano lessons with Eloísa Galluzo, having already learned the rudiments of music theory from his mother and his uncle.

1889. Continues his music studies: piano with Alejandro Odero, and harmony and counterpoint with Enrique Broca. With his friends, he creates a literary magazine, El Burlón.

1890. Displays a particular aptitude for the theatre, literature and painting. Creates another magazine, El Casabel, for which he is a “contributor” and, later, “editor”.

1893. Channels his artistic tendencies towards music.

1896. Frequent trips to Madrid, where he studies piano with José Tragó at the Escuela Nacional de Música y Declamación. The family business gets into financial difficulties.